Maada James Kanneh - Heinrich

Chief Executive Officer

Our connection tissue between europe and africa. He has a long working expierence in germany regarding distribution and customer relations. Due to his exprience with working with people he managed to create and pull our team together finding solutions in difficult cases.  

Artur Grasmik

Company Representative UZB

He has the ability to make marketing look easy and always has an open ear for our customers. If you want to pursue the right strategies with your clients, he is your contact.  He also has experience in working abroad in all of Asia in various markets.

Arturs Fiksels

General Director SEYC

Having half a decade of experience in construction in europe he is able to provide us with the right know-how. Additionally he is also a sophisticated salesman who is specialised in industrial equipment. Due to his experience he is a very organised member of our team.

Igor Becker

General Director EU

Our expert in international logistics for a decade and a trusted member of our team. He is a problem solver and our first point of contact in difficult cases. He is responible for delivering our goods safe and reliable to their destination.   


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